Monday, December 19, 2011

Pnoy chose a Slenda Body than a Sendong

A Slenda body is worth more than Sendong
Malacanang says and it later corrected itself that the President will visit the typhoon Sendong ravaged cities of Iligan and Cagayan before (and not after) Christmas. It fails to even grasp my imagination why on earth the Presidential communication group made an error such as this. Imagine, sending out an erroneous message in this time of great calamity! Dios mio!@ Que horror, as the conos would say.

And this enlightened indio can't believe his ears when he heard that Pnoy was out partying with Slenda girl, Valerie Concepcion during the Typhoon Sendong outslaught. Maybe Pnoy thought that this is just an ordinary storm, nothing to worry about. 

Opps, flashback to Manila Bay Hostage Crisis. Flashback to the Bicol flooding tragedy. Flashback to other similar tragedies that happened here without the President ever going there and commanding the bureaucracy.

This same kind of lack of insight and obvious katamaran is neither an aberration nor a propaganda-based accusation. It is beginning to be a hallmark of this administration. 

Valerie Concepcion, the sultry ABS-CBN talent who was invited during the party attended by no less than the President and hundreds of testosterone crazy PSG men, even tweeted that Pnoy enjoyed her jokes. Since when did the sexy, vavavoom become a comedianne? She doesn't look like Ai-ai, right?

Anyway, the party lasted into the wee hours of the night so much so that the President was so drunk and that explains why probably he wasn't able to read the report--and that report about the devastation probably gave him a headache---scores dead, hundreds missing and entire villages swept by raging flash floods.

And quite expectedly, the President would have remarked---This can't be! This is Mindanao! It rarely rains there. Or so we thought.

His secretary Mario Montejo, in classic cono style said that PAGASA did not err in predicting the path of the typhoon. How about predicting the volume of rain water? Of what, Mr. Mangubat, I imagine Mario responding. " Of soda water and whisky?"

" The amount of soda water last Sunday was enough for everybody."

O, flashback again, and we see the "Emperor" former AFP Chief Esperon throwing thousand peso bills in the air, to the delight of his ISAFP men, who were so drunk, they thought the party was inside Ms. Universe in Pasay. Wrong.

This explains why we have a depressed nation, with a depressing economy and a similarly depressing bureaucracy.

We have conos in power, who have a false sense of priority in their lives. Who choses a Slenda body instead of bodies which Sendong killed?

Of course, who will not succumb to a Slenda?