Sunday, December 4, 2011

Veena Malik's controversial nude photo

The controversial "nude"
This controversial photo has enraged not just the Pakistani government but the highly conservative Pakistani public. Veena Malik is a very popular model in Pakistan. She agreed to pose nude (actually just exposing her breasts).

As you know, Pakistan is a highly traditional Muslim state. They respect women. That is why women don't usually show their bodies in public. They don their traditional Muslim dress and are very proud of it.

However, what I discovered is the true reason why there's an outrage---that "ISI" mark in Malik's left arm. That's the initials of Pakistan's intelligence services.

That photo of Malik was actually shot maliciously. It has a political message. It says that even the very bodies of Pakistanis are being intruded by the ISI, an accusation which has some basis in fact.

Anyway, Malik has denied any wrongdoing and said that it is her right to pose nude. Malik has done very controversial things before but this doe ices the cake.