Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fun things to do in the Philippines--taking part in a Fiesta

ONE OF THE FUN THINGS a tourist expects to do in visiting a foreign place like the Philippines is a delightful interaction with people.

One fun activity in the Philippines is simply not repelling or water rafting--it's taking part in a Filipino fiesta. 

What's so unique about the Pinoy Fiesta? Well, people, even though they're neither friends nor relatives, can actually enter one house and partake of the food served there. 

I suggest that DOT coordinates with local officials in every city or town and try to arrange at least ten households who will agree to accommodate foreign and local tourists and treat them to a sumptuous Pinoy fiesta buffet.

For me, the main tourist attraction to a fiesta is simply not those street dances or demonstrations--they're just icings.

The main attraction is getting foreign and local tourists out there, bring them to someone's house and offer them food. 

This is entirely Filipino and justifies why " It's more fun in the Philippines" than anywhere else in the world.