Friday, January 13, 2012

Oplan Sagip Bansa: A Plot Against the Aquino Administration

"Save the Queen part xxxx?"
Several texts have circulated about an alleged plot by several military men to oust the Aquino administration. The plot, according to these texts, is backed by several big businessmen. The plan? Disrupt the impeachment trial thru a military action.

Several sources have neither confirmed nor denied this plot codenamed Oplan Sagip Bansa. What is certain is that the planners behind this plot want a reprise of the so-called "EDSA Dos" which catapulted Mrs. Arroyo to power. Now, the plot, again according to other sources, is to save Arroyo from her current political plight.

A cabal of military officers, according to some sources in the underground, are behind this plot. A series of meetings were held outside Metro Manila during the holidays with these military officers. Four things were discussed:

1. The alleged Leftist links of the Aquino administration
2. The alleged demoralisation among the ranks caused by the filing of criminal charges against former general Jovito Palparan
3. The alleged mismanagement of the economy of the Aquino administration
4. The alleged fear of the military of  a possible Leftist takeover of government before 2016

No leader has been identified. No specifics as of this time, has yet been determined. What is certain is that the plot has been discovered already by the Aquino administration. Several operators of this administration have been mobilised to determine the extent of support the group got.

Likewise, several police officers have reportedly placed their support behind the so-called plot. A rumor has been circulating that the reported replacement for PNP Chief Nicanor Bartolome has been scratched from the list of President Aquino for being a known and very close associate of former Arroyo general, Hermogenes Ebdane. 

Ebdane, according to several sources, is still supportive of Arroyo. Fact is, he is allegedly behind efforts to protect Commissioner Garcillano from turning state witness. Efforts at reaching and getting the reaction of the Zambales governor about this have failed. 

If true, this plot will be the first try of anti-Aquino forces against this administration whose sole  objective is to cleanse the bureaucracy of misfits and grafters.