Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valerie Concepcion--Playboy Cover Girl, Jan-Feb 2012

After her revelations as a comedienne in one of President Aquino's christmas parties, here comes sultry actress Valerie Concepcion baring more than her funny experiences in this month's Playboy magazine. And boy, her photos are  not funny--they're fun. (you know what I mean when I say fun :-)

The 24-year old single mother is, I think, one of the youngest models Playboy ever featured in their mag. Opps, by the way, former teen sensation Lindsay Lohan's controversial Playboy photos were released last December in the states. So, its Lindsay in the States and Valerie in the Philippines. Good choices.

I always say that I buy Playboy because of those in-depth interviews and several interesting stories. I do that in US versions. Haven't been impressed with interviews of local personalities here though. It always lacks substance. 

With Valerie on the cover though, I make an exception. (Valerie, by herself, makes good conversation :-)