Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Ruffy Biazon Jr.

I just read your reaction to my blog entry over at Leslie Bocobo's FB. You said, you were reading my blog and now, just because I exposed what is happening at the Bureau of Customs where you head, my credibility is now Zero TO YOU.

Let me just say for the record that I once recommended you as one of the most promising politicians in our generation. When I met you in one of the blogger meets, I immediately wrote something to promote you and help you in your senatorial campaign. It was free, nothing fancy, just out of my desire to elect someone like you, at the Senate. Besides, I know your father since his days as a Chief of Staff.

Anyway, a friend, as I know it, is someone who does not lie. If your concept of friendship is someone who becomes part of your rah-rah-rah pep squad, that is not my concept of friendship.

If I'm your friend, I'll tell you exactly what's happening so that you'll not be caught with your pants down. I usually tell my friends what's happening so that they'll act on it. 

Your stint at the Bureau of Customs is not something to promote your political career, oh no. It's supposed to be some place where you can apply your Christian and moral principles so that you effect change there.

Seriously, I was asked if you're okey for that post, and I said yes. You have the mettle and the spiritual will to do several changes in the Bureau of Customs. Sadly though, you are just moving where the tides are. You are not instituting changes at the Bureau. You are not providing enough morale boost there.

Dear Ruffy--there is still time for you to institute the changes which the people expect from you. You told Leslie that I'm spreading lies.

Why, you don't know what's happening at the bureau?

Do you know that Tina Yu is still operating there? Do you know that they are pricing every container for 5,000 pesos, and 3,000 pesos allegedly goes to what people describe as "OCOMM"?

President Aquino was the one who told you straight in your face that 60 billion pesos got lost due to oil smuggling at the bureau.

Noynoy was the one who reminded you that David Copperfields or David's mini-mes still operate at the bureau.

And it was not I, who mentioned about this Porsche-riding clerk. He was caught remember?