Thursday, February 2, 2012

Iggy Arroyo's death will reveal who is the real Jose Pidal

Representative Iggy Arroyo is dead. Senator Panfilo Lacson says Iggy left behind a 2billion peso account which lies offshore. Aside from this, there's the Jose Pidal account which also contains millions of pesos. Now, the question is---will the legitimate family of Iggy claim these billions?

If they will, then, half of it goes to Aleli, who, before their estrangement, had a very brutal fight with the deceased Congressman. If you remember, Aleli tried to file a criminal complaint of domestic abuse against Iggy. To settle the matter off court, Iggy agreed to part ways with Aleli and settle abroad. It was convenient for Iggy to do that since he's also sick and he needs treatment abroad. 

The other half will be spilt between Aleli's children and Grace Ibuna and her kid with Iggy. All of them will then go to the legal process of splitting the estate of Iggy. These will then all be put on public record. 

Now, will the splitting of the estate involve the alleged 2 billion peso account abroad and the Jose Pidal account? It should be.

God really works wonders. Senator Lacson therefore does not need a Senate inquiry to re-open the Jose Pidal account because these things will all be revealed finally when the court judicially intervenes to split the Iggy Arroyo estate. 

The Senate can actually order or request the court to reveal what underwent during the estate proceedings and secure documents. This will reveal or solve two things: one, if Iggy Arroyo was really the Jose Pidal account owner and two, if Iggy Arroyo did, indeed, open a 2 billion peso account abroad.

As they say, the dead doesn't keep secrets. Or, the dead tells no tales, or something like that. :-) God is really Great!