Monday, February 27, 2012


The Iglesia Ni Cristo evangelical mission tomorrow is a sure-fire headline hugger and for the wrong reasons--some people try to lace it with political poison. If you only know where, really, this religious group began, this event tomorrow will not be misinterpreted as political.

The INC believes in the second coming of Christ. Based on the bible, this will only occur if the Gospel of Christ is spread around the world. It is the duty therefore, of those who believe, to spread this message of salvation. 

With all the corruption happening in the world, many found it fitting to remind our political leaders to tread the right path. 

What God is telling us right now is that, no human governance model is fit for man. Every single interpretation of democracy is bound to fail and is a misinterpretation. 

God is the single most effective ruler of mankind, no doubt about it, but do we acknowledge it? No. We live in the fleshy world, a world of desires, of ill-conceived pleasures, that caresses the emotions, and leaves it numb to the true pleasures of the Spirit.

May of us are concerned with the Now, and not after we spend time here, on this earth. We are greatly concerned about how to get the next meal, and not how to take care of ourselves so that we will be able to enjoy the true pleasures that awaits us in the City of God.

For those who are disgusted about this existence. For those who want to leave this ill-fated world, there is still hope that, in the next life, we will be able to enjoy eternal, heavenly existence by acknowledging the role of God in our lives.

The world sees this evangelical mission differently and they are not to be blamed. These people lack the knowledge of Wisdom. Wisdom is what separates the believer from the unbeliever. Those who really know the Message of Salvation would agree with me that it is time for those who believe to spread the seeds that Christ implanted in their hearts. 

Like INC members, every single believer of Christ is duty-bound to propagate the Message of Salvation so that those who hear, will listen intently and those who see, will open their eyes to the Truth. 

Time is running out for sinners. And the only way possible for humankind to survive the impending catastrophe that is bound to happen is when they accept the secret of salvation--that is turn their human, fleshy selves into Beings of Light, or to make pure what has been created as impure.