Saturday, February 25, 2012

The malevolent Spirit that is EDSA Uso as compared to EDSA Uno

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We are in a very dangerous situation now, where numerous forces who claimed to have engineered a phenomenon known as " EDSA" is again, out in our streets, trying to simulate the event that changed the entire direction of this country these past 26 years.

" EDSA", to the minds of these people, is a trademarked or copyrighted script for social change owned merely by those who already benefitted from it since it sparked some 26 years ago. 

" EDSA" to their minds, is manipulation. EDSA, to their minds can always be invoked, like a vile spirit from the deeps, if enough maliciousness is injected unto the minds of the middle class. For these people, there are only four (4) elements needed to spark an EDSA.

1. Enough funds to mobilize grassroots organisations (meaning funds to implement hatak)
2. Enough funds to initiate a reputational attack against a known public personality, manipulating the traditional media to accept these lies as gospel truth and blurring the entire political atmosphere.
3. Enough funds to convince a segment of the armed forces to side with them.
4. Enough funds to create mobilizations.

The problem with these people, and actually, they are not simply to be blamed, is the sworn belief that EDSA has a blueprint, that this blueprint can be replicated and re-used over and over again, like what happened in the so-called "EDSA dos", where some of these people claimed to have engineered.

EDSA dos, or what I called "EDSA Uso" is the direct opposite of the first EDSA simply  because it was an action taken against a legitimate Power---a Power whose mandate directly and overly came from the People.

EDSA uso was a pure coup---plain and simple. The crowds that were there were simply interested on getting their share of the loot once the plot has been achieved. When they failed to get their share, these groups immediately distanced themselves from the beneficiaries of the plot and these groups started militating against their former allies. 

The problem with this thing called "EDSA" comes from the misunderstanding that such a phenomenon can be morphed into something else or can be institutionalized. You simply cannot institutionalize something which came out of thin air. It is against its very nature. 

It also cannot be copyrighted. The Aquino regime claims to own EDSA as if the only color that came to these streets were yellow. 

The fundamental difference of the first EDSA with these copycats right now is the predominance of RED and the convergence of this color with yellow.

Conjuring a vile spirit such as EDSA uso right now is simply heretical, if not, absolutely foolish.