Sunday, February 26, 2012

Noynoy Aquino's EDSA celebration speech lacks convincing power

President Aquino went ahead of his campaign against the Chief Justice. In his "papalag" speech yesterday during the commemoration of EDSA 1986, Noynoy Aquino tried to convince the people who attended to militate against the judiciary, describing this institution as one which needs "correction". Noynoy says the correction is needed immediately because the judiciary is heading towards a different path.

“Our country is now facing a crossroad. In one direction is the weedy path, where the influential holds the scales of justice and those who manipulate the law benefit,” Mr. Aquino said.
“In the other is the straight path where the rules are clear, justice favors no one and those who are at fault are made answerable. Let’s remember: Martial law happened because Filipinos kept silent for too long,” he said.
“As was said way before, ‘Kung hindi ka kikilos, sino pa? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?’ Let us now move before it’s too late. Let us now move so that we can quickly leave behind the darkness in the past,” he said.

Noynoy's call-to-action is Bush-like--those who are not with us, are those who want to remain in the old system, while those who believe in what Noynoy wants are those who want nothing but change.

“If you want to remain in the old system, go ahead and pretend to be deaf. Pretend to be blind. Don’t speak. Don’t participate,” he said.“But if you believe that there’s something wrong in the system and that this has to be corrected, let’s go and push back (Tara, pumalag tayo). Let’s participate. Let’s make it right,” he added.
Let's discuss this. Is it true that if, say one does not agree on what Noynoy Aquino says, he does not want change? 
Will anything change when we change the composition of the judiciary? No. Everyone knows that even if we impeach the Chief Justice, there will still be graft and corruption until we really change and overhaul the entire system that breeds this scourge of a problem.
Chief Justice Corona is just a graphic manifestation of wrongs within the judiciary. His removal from office will only benefit those who oppose him, specifically Justice Antonio Carpio. Will Carpio bring the changes we so desire? No.
Carpio is an old-timer, a man who knows the "ins" and "outs" of the system. He has his personal desires why he wants to be Chief Justice. He is not clean. He even represented the previous administration, something which the people is so afraid of.
What Noynoy wants is change--from a Corona to a Carpio. Is this the change the Filipino People wants? No.
The People want nothing more than systemic change. This impeachment of Corona will not amount to anything but a musical chair thing--one is bumped out of the game, and the other sits in his place. 
We don't want a musical chair type of change. We want nothing less than true, radical change. 
What Noynoy is doing is trying to provoke the people to act and for that action to be his hammer against his political enemies.
What is happening right now is simply described as a struggle between one elite group against another. 
The group of the Aquinos want to "own" EDSA 1986 and think of it as a weapon against their enemies. 
EDSA 1986 is not a weapon of the elites. It is the other way around. 
The true EDSA 1986 was the weapon of the less in life, the refuge of the victims of injustice, the hammer of the workers and the peasants.
EDSA 1986 is not a property of the Aquino-Cojuangco clique. No.
This explains why Noynoy's call is not resonating with the masses. 
The masses are not fools. They have a term for this " Ayokong Magamit"
The Masses are tired of being used by these elites in their fight for power. 
If at all, a true EDSA waits in the wings, it will be an EDSA where the true representatives of the Filipino People will be serving them once more, treading the true path of struggle, and forsaking their individual freedoms and futures, for the sake of future generations.