Monday, February 6, 2012

What the I-Ching says about Aquino and Corona's fate in 2012

For those who ask me what will happen in our politics come 2012, please read my take on this at this site see link (

I used the I-Ching or the Book of Changes in analysing our present condition, and frankly, it is not too promising nor bright. 

The I-Ching says that if neither one of Aquino nor Corona backs down, this political struggle between the two camps will escalate into a full-blown confrontation. IN a confrontation, Corona's fortune is more fortuitous than Aquino's. As this impeachment trial drags, it affects the political reputation and capital of Aquino. The President is being harmed or injured by this. If he does not turn the other cheek around, there will be war.

This war will suddenly broke out, unexpected, like what this year, the Water Dragon year, brings. The Dragon is one of the most unexpected animals in the Chinese horoscope. 

What is this incident that will happen unexpectedly? It is a full-blown attempt against the existing powers. Who will benefit from this? According to the I-Ching, it neither Corona nor Aquino, but another power that lurks just near the Highest Power, but recedes to the background. This power's motivation is hidden,a  superior person who is acceptable to all groups in Philippine society. As what I wrote several entries back, elite groups in this country will try to find an acceptable "win-win" solution, and this solution will not require a preservation of the existing power, but a solution that goes beyond what the Constitution dictates. Several people see this as an opportunity to open this Constitution to several changes that will favor elite and business groups in this country.