Thursday, March 1, 2012

Corona wins right to keep CJ Seat

It seems that President Aquino's bid to oust Chief Justice Renato Corona has already failed. Yep. It is dead in the water.

The defense does not really have to present their pieces of evidence in the court of public opinion, since Corona has already won, hands down.

Malacanan has already called for people power to force Corona out, but, nadah. Aquino even mobilised his personal forces, those groups very close to him, and again,nada.

The victory of Corona actually was Aquino's own doing. Noynoy exposed early on his personal motivation why he keeps on badgering Corona. 

Noynoy wants to replace Corona with a Carpio, something sinister and unforgiveable. Filipinos remember those who cause  them harm, and wait for the time to get even.

This is a salient reminder to those in power--never use the law for your own benefit.