Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jessica Sanchez American Idol--amazing!

Filipino or not, American or Mexican, Asian or Westerner, one thing is for sure--Jessica Sanchez is an amazing talent. Truly, this American Idol contestant may be the one the entire world is looking for---a fresh and young talent with an extraordinary voice that really touches the soul.

Touches the soul, that's right. For soooo long, the world has longed for a voice that would bring joy to those who lost their entire futures or those who have lost themselves in this crazy, ridiculous world dominated by parasitic Big Business. 

Jessica's voice is entirely different. She's kinda sexy. She's kinda sultry but not in a way that offends you. She puts every emotion in that voice. There's something in her voice that puts her on top, because it is entirely hers. A trademark voice, I should say, that appeals to every body, Asian or no Asian, American or no American.

Jessica Sanchez--the 16 year old phenom
Even if she does not win the American idol contest, I am definitely sure Jessica Sanchez's songs will be smash hits. I think she has that "x-factor" to make it to the Top, even higher than what Charice has already achieved in her young career.

Jessica Sanchez, at 16, is one damn singer. She's always at performance level. 

When she sang Whitney Houston's "I will always love you", I was actually resting in my bed. Her voice roused me from my stupor and it made me very interested in knowing more about this young lady. Really now, after that performance, I've surfed the net about her, and I already know that she's half-Filipina, but for me, it doesn't really matter if she is or she is not. The point is, I suddenly discovered myself, surfing and actually even viewing her Youtube video so many times already, I lost count. Her voice, for me, has no expiration date. It is something sellable, something you can actually bring with you everywhere and will not tire of listening. 

Jasmine is the only half-Filipina who has made it in the Top Two. Will Jessica be the one who will clinch the American Idol top post and made it as one of the most successful AI contestant ever? I think she is the one.

God's gift to the world
She appeals to every single one of us, who loves great music and appreciates great talent. Of course, this is a competition, so it depends on the American public who they wish is the next American Idol. 

I have one appeal though to everyone who reads this piece---stop breast-beating and claiming Jessica only for us, Filipinos.

Jessica belongs to the world now, and her blood, honestly, is not just Filipino, but American and Mexican. I think she is even the reincarnation of my idol, Selena. She has the same history as Selena's and belongs to a family like Selena's. But, unlike Selena, I hope Jessica lasts for as long as God wants us to enjoy her Heavenly Voice. 

She represents everybody, not just Filipino. When a Filipino comments on the AI page and claims Jessica, that Filipino alienates the rest of the American public and hence, affects her vote.

Jessica is simply not just for the Filipino people, but the pride of the world. Rarely do we see such an amazing performance and a talent that astounds every single soul.

As what Jennifer Lopez said to her shortly after her performance, I also want to tell her this--God bless You, Jessica. You're God's gift to humankind.