Thursday, March 29, 2012

Manny Pacquiao, religion and taxes

I was surprised to see Manny Pacquiao sharing his reported religious conversion. A few days prior, he was at this presscon, calling for the resignation of a lowly BIR director. He alleged that he paid the right taxes. He also thinks that it was "double taxation", that he was taxed abroad and taxed here for the second time. He believes that his earnings abroad should be taxed just once--in the United States. 

This is what I meant by always believing in the things which these "famous" people say. Remember, Pacquiao always proclaim that he's fighting for the people, that he is fighting not for money, but for glory. 

Now, here we are, seeing him trying to protect his decision not to pay taxes for the second time, after he being charged of taxes abroad. If you're really fighting for the glory of this country, you should not mind if government wants a slice of your earnings, because that's what the law requires.

Pacquiao invited top-notch tax lawyers to defend himself from accusations of tax evasion. For one, government is not accusing him of evading his tax obligations---the BIR just wants him to reveal all his documents and submit these to the proper authorities for the correct computation of his taxes. Everyone who earns income is being taxed, since it is the sworn duty of any citizen to give taxes to government. 

Jesus Christ, when he was alive, was asked by the Pharisees and the Sadducees about taxes. Jesus Christ answered in a very simple way--give to Caesar what is due him and give to God what is due to God. 

Religious conversion is not for those who just want people to think that they are more than what they really are. Conversion is dead serious. Conversion should be honest.