Saturday, March 10, 2012

The New Revolt is Against Rent-seekers in the Aquino Government

I now realized that the rent-seekers in this administration are the ones causing all these problems be-devilling our democracy today. These people are direct threats to the survival of this country. These people whose interests are not the people's but in the Name of Globalization and Greedy Capitalism. They harm this country in ways which are innumerable.

Take, for example, the case of oil prices. Government continues to cast an unwilling stance against oil companies and simply invoke the Oil Industry Deregulation law as the basis of these oil companies fuel price hikes. It does not matter to this government if the public continues to suffer from these price hikes. The law is the law, says this government. 

Governments are there simply to pursue the people's interests. If the people are being harmed by predatory interests and laws that were made previously but are now harming the very economic survival of the people, government has the duty of correcting these things. But why is government unwilling to do the right thing?

Rent-seekers lurk inside the palace, representing foreign interests, and working not for the Filipino People, but for that multi-million dollar buck contract with foreign companies. These rent-seekers are fixtures in the Philippine political scene already. They provide politicians what they need---campaign funds. And sometimes, they provide more.

President Aquino cannot just issue a decision which will directly help the people cope with rising oil prices. His advisers would ask these rent-seekers on what to do. Normally or in many occasions, these rent-seekers overrule even the President himself. 

This explains why this President is being accused of not doing anything because he has no will of overturning these rent-seekers, simply because at one time or another, they did something for him, and did something for others close to him, or they continue doing something for him. As in other cultures, the syndrome "paying you back" is ingrained in the psyche already, and it is entirely difficult to change it.

These people in government are simply not interested in implementing the law. The law is being interpreted in so many ways that it is now very confusing to an honest foreign investor how to construe what is really the will of the People as expressed in the Constitution and in certain laws, simply because even the Highest Tribunal has shown erratic behavior shortly after the Marcos era. 

Honestly, during the Marcos era, the law is interpreted the way it was intended. In our times, in these post-Marcos time, the law is interpreted the way rent-seekers want the law to be interpreted. 

Now, imagine the biggest rent-seeker during the time of Ramos and Arroyo occupying the Chief Justice position, how will these laws be interpreted now?

Actually, in our present case, the People has simply no escape from the evil these people make. 

We have an impeached Chief Justice who is admittedly a previous rent-seeker and we have another associate Justice in the person of Antonio Carpio who founded the biggest rent-seeking firm in the country. 

This explains why the laws of these country are simply not the ones which benefit the people, but in the process, harm them. The interest of rent-seekers is the interests of Big Business which hires them. The interest of Big Business is simply making huge profits at the expense of a suffering people.

The solution therefore is always simple---rid this society of rent-seekers. Make them realize their humanity, their frailty, their weakness.

How will true justice be served when the Highest Tribunal right now is being attacked by forces out to make the Tribunal their office extension? 

The Supreme Court is being asked to be made a rubber stamp by people who claims to be pro-democracy but in truth and in fact, are believers of anarchy and dictatorship.

These architects of malevolence have since re-shaped the Executive in the form they so like, and now, they are at this again, solely on the basis of greed. 

They have prostituted the "tuwid na daan" to give way to the biggest black operations ever made by these malevolent forces---re-configure the Supreme Court and make it an office extension of the Firm.

Hence, O New Patriots of this Generation, hearken my words. 

If we will not block these efforts, if we will not act to save the Supreme Court from these rent-seekers, we have made the biggest error ever---we have slayed democracy and we have allowed these forces to dominate our political life.

We will never be able to survive this and we will never be able to get what we always wish for---true economic development. 

Militate against these people who prostituted our country, who pillage our coffers and who enslave us with unjust policies. It is time, once more, to tread the revolutionary path.