Sunday, March 11, 2012

Self-Coup being hatched by palace insiders?

This is the last of three revelatory pieces about this issue on the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona. 

Don't be fooled--yes, Corona has his own sins to account before the Filipino People and if this trial is all about morality, Corona probably has failed to prove his innocence. However, if the Palace plan is true, that Carpio is to be appointed as his replacement, then, the cure is worse than the perceived problem of a Chief Justice whose loyalties, according to Malacanang, lie with the previous dispensation.

Carpio's ascension to the Highest judicial post will cement the CVC's position as the biggest and most influential law firm in this country. With so many clients having so many cases filed before the Highest Tribunal, a Carpio-led Supreme Court will further damage the integrity of this institution. If you notice, ever since Carpio ascended this Court, there has been a slew of flip-flopping incidents, merely of construing the law not based on its spirit nor of judicial experience, but dispensing cases based on frivolous rationale that favors Big Business interests.  Carpio enjoys a higher rating of trust than Corona because of PR. Corona's perceived closeness with the Arroyos is like a curse. What the public doesn't know is the fact that Corona knows what the Carpio gang is planning, being his former colleagues, and Corona believes that a Carpio-led Court would actually be detrimental to the entire legal community.

The solution is radical---ask both gentlemen to resign or retire. Then, make the appointment of the Chief Justice open to the public. Ask the academe and civil society to take part in choosing the next Chief Justice. If this is not accomplished, then, these things which were revealed to me by an old legal practitioner are entirely validated. 

What is disturbing about these revelations is the fact that some palace insiders are actually trying to invite mischief in the equation. Malacanang wants to solve its problems thru extra-constitutional means. A palace source, very close to this writer, says that this administration actually wants Corona's group to move against Malacanang thru a coup so that Aquino would be able to dissolve government and replace it with a more favorable one. The simple reason is try to circumvent the Constitution, because a revolutionary government is the most practical way of changing the Charter without going thru the tedious process now stated in the organic law.

Malacanang is inviting mischief, specifically to equip it of extra-constitutional powers. The plan of creating a revolutionary government is one of the options being toyed upon by Aquino. This is actually okey if Aquino's plan is really to cleanse the government. But, we know better. 

This is entirely a power struggle not in the name of the Filipino People but in the name of the Firm. Don't be fooled by propaganda. Yes, Corona has his sins. He needs to explain so many things. That's why he needs to be replaced. Nonetheless, the cure that the Palace wants is unacceptable. 

Hence the call--to normalize the situation, the call should be the resignation of Corona and Carpio. If Malacanang really wants change, it should also ask Carpio to resign.