Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Idol Jessica Sanchez bares her soul out--but is it enough to save her the next time?

Her voice is soo good, you get goosebumps every single time she does those runs and those vocal curls. Jessica Sanchez is a rare gem, that's right. Watching Jessica Sanchez performs on the American Idol stage makes one's senses so sharp, the audience swoons when she swoons and ahhs when she ahhs. It's always magical. Jessica Sanchez is like a nymph baring her soul before the world.

Where in the world did she got that delicious angst? I mean, she's sixteen years old. But when she sings, she feels every syllable, every word as if she owns them and tops that with a melody that is sooo sweet, it's a delectable moment hearing her sing.

I just can't wait for her to wax that album. 

Jessica Sanchez is groove, and soul and all that sweet. She's a legend in the making, and Randy Jackson is right when he said that Jessica probably does not know how great she is or she will become. 

She tempts you to accompany her to her world whenever she sings. She coaxes you to come, be with her, as she bares her soul before the universe. She weeps, and the world weeps with her. 

Where did she get that delicious angsts, I ask? Every time she sings a song, that song becomes no 1 in i-Tunes and people go to to research the original singer and compare it with her rendition. And whenever people do that, they come to the conclusion that Jessica sang it better than the original.

However, I notice something terribly wrong and Team Jessica must correct this as soon as possible---Jessica's performance is taking  a dip. Yep, compared with her first performances, the last ones are okey but she's becoming or sounding like or appearing like more of a lounge singer than an American Idol. It's getting to be boring.

Yep, the vocals are still great. Jessica still sounds better even if she's becoming a bore. I would not be surprised if America votes her off again, this time for good.

Oh, never mind. America probably do not love her enough to make her their idol. But, the world waits for her. What American Idol rejected, the world will love many times over.