Monday, April 23, 2012

China-leaning personalities in Aquino administration weakens government stand against China?

Is it possible that this thing which is happening between China and the Philippines is a "setup" aimed at finally effecting a power reconfiguration in the Philippine government? That escalating this issue will further empower China-leaning personalities in the Aquino administration?

This is what several military analysts think---that in a war against China, the Philippines will fall because the country will be betrayed by several China-leaning personalities who occupy sensitive posts in the Aquino administration.

There is no denying that several left-leaning personalities now form part of Aquino's administration. However, in an event of an actual war against China, surely, these personalities are expected to pursue their country's interests rather than China. Or will they, really?

Many people believe that the reason why there is much uncertainty over the next course of action against China is fact that things are being muddled up by these personalities. If this is the case, then, it explains why this administration is somewhat dragging its feet in resolving this issue.

During the time of Ramos, government policy in relation to China was one of cooperation rather than cooptation. In the time of Arroyo, closer ties were established which even led Arroyo to become a member of the Chinese Communist party. Nothing entirely wrong with a closer engagement with China. Fact is, a closer engagement benefits the Philippines rather than harms its interests. Yet, this fact has been misinterpreted by the Chinese to mean "weakness", and therefore exploitable. 

Propaganda has been spread and continues to spread that the reason why some personalities want a more destabilized relationship with China is it allows or opens the possibility of a "takeover" of China-leaning personalities of political power from the existing one. I dare say, this is more of a malicious rumor than fact. 

Everybody knows how strong the Philippine military is and how republican it behaves. It is simply unthinkable for traditional political forces to allow such a scenario. 

These traditional forces should not entertain the idea of an unconstitutional move against the present administration, because any such action, especially in these times of great distress, harms the interests of the people rather than promote it.

An unconstitutional move against the power center will weaken this government and further opens its vulnerability up. This is not the time for the Philippines to show weakness over the face of a relentless enemy, no. Fact is, what the government is doing right now is the correct path. 

However, over the next few weeks, this issue will be overtaken by two things: first the impeachment trial of the Chief Justice and second, politics. 

Traditional political forces will try to find a way to mend the broken ties of the Executive and the Judiciary. I believe, even at this time, there has been a negotiations between the two groups and a relief has been agreed upon. I do know what that is, but it not prudent to disclose it at this point. It is safe to say that in the interests of the national patrimony, this relief will be undertaken to stabilize the entire government. 

When this relief comes, it will be welcomed by all groups because of one thing: politics. Politics for the mid-term elections will start in June and surely, elite groups have already talked and negotiated for a settlement of issues before then.