Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pinoy Cyber Patriots Born: Protect the Motherland from Chinese Imperialism

A few days ago, in a secret enclave somewhere East of Metro Manila, a group of patriotic Pinoys formed the Pinoy Cyber Patriots. Yes, it is now official---in the event that China unleashes hell against our beloved country, the Pinoy Cyber Patriots will bring them back to the 6th century, the year when China claimed Scarborough as their own so that the Chinese leadership will realize how foolish this claim is.

We are one with our Armed Forces of the Philippines. We are one with the Filipino People.

China revealed in Fox News that they have their elite blue army of hackers. Let it be known everywhere that Pinoys have united together and formed its own elite Red Army to protect the Motherland from Chinese attacks.

The message is very clear---we are ready. The Chinese leadership will not know what hit them. 

We are not armed by guns nor weapons of mass destruction, no. 

We are armed solely by our intellect and our battlefield is in cyber space. 

We are armed with thousands of weapons of mass denouncement, the kind that destroys futures rather than gun boats.

Let a million flowers bloom. Let us drench cyber space with trillions of wasted bytes. Let the cyber war begin! And if this indeed start, let it be said that China was forewarned. 

O Patriots of the New Generation! Arise and protect the Motherland from this neo-imperialist who thinks that might is the language that the entire world understands.

It is not might nor force of unreason that rules the world--no. The main battlefield is cyberspace. Let the war begin.

We clenched our fists and raise them against anyone who seeks the destruction of our way of life. 

Like what our forebears did half a century ago, we rise against this increasing totalitarianism and neo-imperialist bullying that China is promoting in our Western Philippine seas. 

Scarborough shoal is definitely ours. We will protect it with our lives and our futures.