Thursday, May 24, 2012

Philip PHilips is new American Idol!

After 132 million votes, America has decided to anoint as their new idol for season eleven of American Idol, Philip Philips, he with a pussy growl.

Filipino-Mexican American Jessica Sanchez, inspite of her amazing vocal ability, came second. 

This is the highest ever such feat a Filipino-American achieved in many years in AI. Jasmine Trias placed third several years ago. 

I had a feeling that Jessica would lose this time to Philips due to the West Coast votes. Likewise, Jessica's choice of songs really affected her performance.

This is a season shocker, I might say. Philips is not among those chosen early as frontrunners, but he came as a winner. 

It remains to be seen though who between the two would reap Grammy awards and on the charts.

So, Jessica fans out there, like me, should support her budding career as one of Hollywood's legendary belters. Jessica all the way!