Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Senator Guingona should go after big-time smugglers

Senator Teofisto Guingona should be given heaps of praise for his vigilance in pursuing the new AMLA law. Guingona is very persistent in convincing his colleagues on amending the law. Such tenacity and passion in the job are two of the most admirable traits this legislator possesses that makes him stand out.

However, Guingona's work is still unfinished. 

Guingona must address the monumental problem, that is, the Bureau of Customs. The Bureau of Customs is the last remaining bastion of the vilest corruption. Rampant smuggling activities are killing industries there. Even Agriculture secretary Proceso Alcala has already sounded the clarion call for Commissioner Ruffy Biazon Jr. to make extreme changes in the organisation. Unfortunately, Biazon is reportedly dilly-dallying in his work. 

The Senate Blue Ribbon committee should initiate a probe and call out personalities involved in this illegal trade.