Monday, June 11, 2012

United Nationalist Alliance is a Trapo party and a dangerous one

The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) is supposed to be a different political animal than other political configurations. Its recent choices for Senatorial bets however, show that it is not as different from other parties as expected. 

The UNA is as spineless as other political parties for one thing--it believes in political accommodation. It is not a principled party. It has a very twisted view of things. 

For example---how in the world did this party, which is supposed to usher changes in our government, treated former political personalities who supported the tyranny of the previous administration for nine long years? BY asking them to join the UNA senatorial lineup, that's how.

There is this thing called justice. For Filipinos, justice first before reconciliation. The previous acts of former administrations which led to the non-prosecution of former political personalities responsible for bringing ruin to this country, contributed immensely to the present state of our society today.

The message that UNA has shown in their choice of Senatoriables reflect how traditional they view politics in this country. Their acts also show how elitist the party views governance, politics and justice.

I have nothing personal against Mitos Magsaysay, MIgz Zubiri or Gwen Garcia, except that these people were very cooperative when the previous dispensation was wrecking havoc the very future of this country.

Fact is, they issued statements of support behind former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Their participation hindered the popular movement for the ouster of Arroyo. At the very end, Mitos Magsaysay was issuing a mouth-full against the Aquino administration. When her principal was acting like a spoiled tyrant, Magsaysay issued statements of support. She was as unconcerned about the condition of the masses as Arroyo was. 

Same goes to Migz Zubiri and Gwen Garcia who even made their respective provinces veritable citadels which provided succor to Gloria and gave legitimacy to her illicit actions.

These things are now recorded in the annals of history. I simply cannot understand the logic behind teaming Zubiri up with, say, Joey de Venecia, who sacrificed his future and his own life fighting Zubiri's boss.

I am likewise clueless how, say, Gwen Garcia would campaign side by side with Koko Pimentel, whose father, Aquilino Pimentel Jr. resisted the tyranny and the dictatorial ways and wiles of the previous government. 

I am now concerned that UNA, should it achieve power by next year, would reverse the progressive gains achieved by the people under this administration.

I am fearful of a Binay presidency because this early, he has exhibited a spineless political leadership who knows no enemies--Binay only knows people who can give him what he wants in exchange for the people's welfare.

There is nothing nationalist about UNA. If at all there is a nationalist color in UNA, it is probably the nationalism espoused by the early ass lickers of the American colonialists in the thirties.