Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blind item 1: When a Legislator plays fire

This Legislator boasts of his magnetic appeal to pretty young things. He says that he beds young things for the fun of it and that, according to him, is his secret to youth.

He's way past the calendar but this legislator looks ten years younger, thanks to his regular "exercise" and eating the right diet. 

He even told a group of friends at a chinese restaurant in Tagaytay highlands, how he courted a very young "Gretchen Barretto" look-a-like and spent several nights with the seventeen year old, all for free and all expense paid courtesy of a lobbyist.

He swears that the time he spent with the pretty young thing was well worth it. I doubt if it was well worth it for the public who will probably suffer if the bill being pushed by the lobbyist will see light in Congress.

Anyway, the Legislator continues and shares his experience with a very fine actress, a Kapuso. This Kapuso really is a "pro". Just eighteen but her appetite for sex is "unquenchable".

" She's always on fire, I tell you. The good thing about it, is, the boyfriend does not know that she continues to do "it" not for the money, but for the heck of it.", says the legislator in between laughs, that remind me of that character in the champoy show.

The actress often calls the legislator and of course, he obliges. They meet discreetly in a hotel lobby. 

Who is this legislator? 

Clue: His wife separated from him when she discovered that he was playing fire with actresses.