Thursday, July 26, 2012

No-EL or Back to Manual campaign

A sinister group very close to the Powers-that-Be is working for the non staging of the 2013 mid-term elections. Reason why?

Several groups fear that the "oppositive side", that is the Binay group is more politically experienced and stronger than the main administration party. Inspite of several rumours describing UNA as a weakened political aggrupation, compared with the LP, people seem to believe otherwise. UNA has built a "deeper bench" so to speak to describe their lineup and a "more extensive grassroots" network to match the LP-NP-NPC. Most local government officials are aligned with the Binay group and the Estrada group at UNA. Campaign strategists of Estrada are more politically experienced that those of the LP. 

The groups fear that the Binay group would dominate politics come 2013 and thereafter secure the Presidency and serve it on a silver platter to Binay. 2013 is crucial because it will determine whether or not, a presidential election would actually occur come 2016.

The charter change drive is also slowly coming to life, as several groups aim to convince Congress to change the charter to impede Binay's ascension to power. They want to change the provisions of the charter insofar as political succession is concerned.