Sunday, July 29, 2012

When is it bad to report the good news about the Philippines

President Aquino's ratings continue to go South. He continues to lose his contituency and his mass base is weakening. And he, Aquino, blames the media for this. 

Why blame us in the media? Are we committing rampant graft and corruption at the Bureau of Customs? No. Are we the ones smuggling rice out from those humongous containers at the Port of Manila? No.

Are we, the media, we who are members of the 4th Estate, are we those who rob someone's jewelry along the busy streets of Manila, or are we the ones who kill and rob a businessman in Quezon City?

I remember a similar appeal from former president Arroyo at the height of controversies surrounding her for media to go slow on her. 

Aquino is really sounding like Arroyo. And I am not entirely surprised. 

Aquino is doing the same thing as his predecesssor with one difference---Aquino is not obsessed with more power and money hence graft and corruption levels now are somewhat not as high as those of Arroyo's; hence, tolerable.

Mr. President, when is it bad to report the good news about the Philippines? Let me answer it on behalf of my colleague---when it is full of lies.

Aquino said how will tourists go and visit the Philippines when all they see on television are gruesome crimes? Then, Mr. Aquino, order your police forces to do their jobs. It is not the duty of Journalists to paint a good picture--that's government. Our job really is just train our lens to the picture--whether its good or bad--that's irrelevant to us.