Friday, August 24, 2012

Palace interests in maintaining absolute control over the DILG

How important the DILG post is for the Aquino administration? Very, very important.

For one, this agency controls administratively, local government units. It does not have the power of the purse but surely, it exercises the police powers of the State. 

IN a critical mid-term elections this 2013, where the outcome would definitely determine the fate of the administration party come 2016, controlling the DILG is a political imperative. 

With the death of former DILG secretary Jesse Robredo, Malacanang has appointed Executive secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr.

Unknown to Pnoy (or he knows about it?), Ochoa maintains a strong connection with a Ronnie Puno trusted lieutenant whom I'll name here as "B.Y".

"B.Y." is widely known within circles as Puno's "go-to"guy. He/she is the official conduit or link of the DILG with several big time jueteng lords. The "tariff" that comes from this illegal numbers game does directly to B.Y. who reports this to his principals.

Now, B.Y. also reports, according to sources, to E-S.

Since E-S now is the  interim OIC of the DILG, the link now is direct. B.Y. maintains his influence at the DILG.

Several sources say, Malacanang is on the look out for funding sources, and jueteng money is no exception. 

There are speculations to the effect that E-S will remain in OIC status until the end of Aquino's term.

However, there are other theories one of which is the appointment of a certain DILG "veteran" who goes by the name of " Mamba"

Is this "Mamba", Manuel Mamba, currently the President's liaison with Congress?