Saturday, August 4, 2012

House Bill 101 of Representative Garin---Erase Sections 9 and 10, and let us pass this bill

House bill 101 of Representative Janet Garin seeks to enact a definitive state policy on reproductive health. Reading it reminds one of House Bill 96 of Rep. Edcel Lagman. The tone of House Bill 101 is similar with that of Lagman's. However, in one of the guiding principles of the bill, Garin is more specific and firm in laying down the predicate--that the State must promote only all "modern forms of family planning"

INstead of the contentious statement in section 8 of Lagman's version, section 7 stays which says that all hospital facilities shall provide for the "full range of modern family planning methods", without, again, mentioning that there is a natural way of family planning.

Section 9 again mandates the State to buy contraceptives, with Section 10 specifically mandating the DOH to spread and distribute such contraceptives to local government units.

All the other provisions of the said bill are laudable. 

If Garin chooses to pass this bill, she should agree on eradicating section 9 and section 10 of her proposed bill. 

These insertions are evidently from condom lobbyists. I dare Garin to eradicate these sections for the sake of the passage of other laudable provisions of this bill.