Saturday, August 25, 2012

JUstice LOurdes Sereno is new Chief Justice of the Philippines

What is the message being sent by the President when he appointed the youngest justice as head of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, and not Justice Antonio Carpio whom everyone thinks was the "shoo-in" bet?

Well, President Aquino simply wants continuity in the judiciary. With Lourdes Sereno at the helm, she will not only be the first female Chief Justice, she will also be one of the longest serving one. Surely, expect a institutionalization of reform measures and expect none of the wishy-washy decisions rendered by the SC in the past due to well, corporate and political pressures. 

Sereno seemed the person expected to normalize the operations of the judicial bureaucracy which came under extreme pressure during the impeachment trial of its head, former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Sereno's name is also "clean". She has not been dragged into any anomalous transactions during her time serving in the judiciary. Sereno kept her integrity intact, which was one of the factors, according to insiders, that convinced the President to appoint her as replacement of Corona.

Sereno's appointment also sends a clear message to investors and foreign observers---that the Philippine government wants stability. That here, expect a fair decision since reformers within government has already cleansed the judicial bureaucracy of misfits and grafters. Surely, expect a New Supreme Court of the Philippines beginning today, when Sereno takes her oath of office before President Benigno S. Aquino.