Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why force my wife to breast feed for 36 months?

Don't get me wrong--I am a breastfeeding advocate, but my wife isn't. I was the one who urged her to feed my twins with warm milk coming from her teats. Those antibody-filled, protein-nutrient rich milk will make my babies strong, healthy and will also be extremely beneficial to my wife. 

Breast-feeding, as they say, is not just best for babies--it also makes the mother healthier, and sexier. Time for another one :-) Nah, I am content with five kids.

Anyway, I advocate breastfeeding simply because it is the most natural thing and it is the best one. 

The present Milk Code, which institutionalize best caring practices, recommends breastfeeding up to six months. 

Now, several people are asking Congress and the people to breast-feed their babies up to thirty six (36) months. Is this for real?

I mean, how will working moms do that? We know that majority of the workforce right now in the Philippines are women. How can they do this---working and at the same time, minding the nutrition of their children?

Besides, why dictate 36 months to my wife? Who has the right to a woman's body but the woman herself. It is the woman who decides what is good and what is bad for her. 

It is not the United Nations or even the United UNiverse--it is the woman! The woman decides for herself, and not the UN! What right does the UN have to dictate 36 straight months of breastfeeding!

Changing the milk code provisions from six to 36 months is, I think, is stupid, bordering on impracticality and downright, obstructive and obstrusive to the woman.


Why would you allow the State to dictate this to you? Who knows best about you, your capability to lactate and produce milk than you? Why turn women into veritable milk vending machines ?

As they say, don't change anything or fix anything when things are not wrong. 

For those who are being brainwashed into believing that breastfeeding for just six months show that you're a bad mother, don't believe them.

You are not a bad mother. And those who oppose the pending revisions on the present Milk Code are not, bad, mothers.

You are simply independent women who value your own personal decisions, your freedom, your right to your bodies and you simply cannot stomach the very fact that revising an already good law is simply too much state intervention already on the rights of the woman to her body!

The revisions of the Milk Code is simply impractical, bordering on stupidity.

Oppose this shady hand trying to intervene with women's rights to health and well-being!
Oppose this foreign master trying to dictate what's good and what's best for the mother and her baby!
Oppose this latest attempt to intervene with the rights of the woman to her body!

Why are we "gaya-gaya" with the practices of the West? We are Filipinos! Our needs are different from the Anglo-Saxons who dominate the UN, WHO, UNICEF and the UNESCO!