Monday, September 3, 2012

3 year old child still being breast fed? Don't let your kid become a mama's boy

Several people who call themselves "breastfeeding activists" want Filipinas to still breast feed their children until the age of three. 

O, you Filipinas out there, are you getting this? 

There is no harm in breast feeding. As an advocate, I am totally for breast feeding. Why? Because breast feeding improves the health of both the child and the mother. 

When a mother breast feeds the child, she gets her voluptuous shape back. The Creator made it so. A pregnant woman gains pounds and those extra pounds goes back as milk nutritious to her child.

I already saw how many women who breast fed their kids and they look healthy. I pray to see a woman breast feeding her kid who is three years old.

Imagine, a three year old child with teeth still sucking the breasts of her mother. I have yet to see someone, a mother, still breast feeding her kid that old.

And you know why just a few women still breast feed their 3 year old kid? First, it is IMPRACTICAL. Second, it hurts. Imagine a 3 year old kid sucking and even biting your aerola. Wow, that REALLY, REALLY hurts.

We have a culture here in the Philippines to train our kids to be self-sufficient at an early age. A three year old still dependent on the teats of his mother? A three year old still depending on his mother's milk to survive? And a mother still being given so much worries to provide nutrition for her child, due to some people's insistence on transforming other women like how they looked?

We have a saying there---don't transform your kid into a mama's boy. Imagine the horror of a child being tagged as mama's boy just because at the age of three, he still sucks milk from her mom.

Did the United Nations even conducted a survey or a study on the lifestyle habits of Filipinas?

Why are we agreeing on allowing the government to intervene with the health and well-being of the mother and the kid?

It is okey to breast feed the kid for six months, but for three long years? Let's not forget that women are not animals or cows. Women are human beings. They still need to do other things than produce milk. We are not living in the feudal age.

Women have other responsibilities as a home maker. Let us help the woman cope with the realities of life. Help her raise a healthy kid and still maintain her healthy composition.