Friday, September 14, 2012

Aquino regime doing ala-Gloria: Omerta during times of anomalous deals

What happened today at the Senate confirmed the fears of many---that the Executive have become the monster it accused the former administration of being. At the Senate hearing called for by Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago today, several Palace officials weren't present, an unfortunate reminder of several years past when these officials were on the other side of the fence and calling for GMA and her erring ones to attend a Senate inquiry.
And why would these palace officials attend anyway? One of them, and a close Noynoy associate pa, is being asked to "bare all" regarding a "suspected anomalous gun transaction", so expect a Mafia-style "omerta" to happen.

Four Executives of Pnoy, namely, DENR secretary Ramon Paje, DILG secretary Mar Roxas III, Executive secretary Paquito Ochoa and DOJ secretary Leila de Lima were called but snubbed the Senate hearing. 

Malacanang said, they have to get the reason why these officials are being asked to attend the hearing on the alleged gun anomaly, which several sectors say, caused the estrangement of ties between President Aquino and his erst-while gun range buddy, former DILG undersecretary Rico Puno.

I recall several years ago, how Roxas had lambasted former president Gloria Arroyo of not allowing her Cabinet members to attend a Senate inquiry on the ZTE case and of how the Palace had treated the sanctity of a Senate investigation. 

Now even though the shoe is on the other foot, the same thing happened. It is not the Aquino nor the Arroyo regimes are being affected, it is the public, who owe it to Puno and Aquino to reveal what really happened. 

Puno owes it to us, and not to Senator Santiago, an explanation of why those assault rifles were priced exorbitantly high and why, inspite of the order from the President not to pursue the deal, Puno had to sideswipe the President and gave the go-signal? What is so important about this deal that Puno had risk a good friendship just for this?

Clue---many observers believe the "kapalit" seems to be a luxurious villa estate in Tagaytay highlands?