Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Innocence of Muslims--and why Bacile is an imbecile

Sam Bacile must be laughing himself hoarse shortly after doing a trash movie, which he called " The Innocence of Muslim". Yes, this movie is utterly disgusting, but not just because of the story--it was a downright "B" even a "C" movie. It has very low production value. It is poorly directed and is really meant to provoke not intelligent debate but utter and downright crass.

Had it been another story or "topic", this movie would not have been "talked about" nor would it earn 13.6 million hits on Youtube.

Bacile, truly is an imbecile. I think Bacile purposely did this movie not just to mock Islam but also to earn personal and widespread notoriety. Bacile wants to be taken seriously, but sadly not one will 

When "The Passion of Christ" was shown several years ago, there were millions who protested about the false depiction of Jesus Christ in the movie. Same happened with the Da Vinci code, yet, none of these demonstrations led to a killing or a death.

People must not blame Muslims for protesting against this crass of a film. For one, the film disrespects their religion. It depicts Islam's Holy Messenger, Muhammad (PBUH), in a very bad light. In Islam, it is forbidden to even draw the face of the Prophet, but in this movie, his character was severely destroyed. The film tries to revive the accusations and nasty rumors invented by the Prophet's enemies when he was still alive and fighting for Islam.

Islam promotes independence and free will but when artistic expression tries to violate the borders of decency and disrespects and shows religious intolerance (which this movie promotes), then, it is just right for this movie to earn the ire of many. 

Whose rights have been violated? It is not the right of Bacile. He provoked the Muslims into anger, the movie is like a pathological trap, that waits for its victim to react to generate talk.