Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy could be Obama's worst nightmare

Thirteen are now confirmed dead, as Tropical Superstorm Sandy continues to wreck havoc in thirteen states in the United States. More than 6.5 million people are now living in darkness as electricity was cut in these areas. Federal authorities say, it will take a week before power is completely restored in these areas. Meaning, the effects of this catastrophe will still be felt by people come election time.

The presidential elections is just eight days away, and the devastation wrought by Sandy in several states, according to some analysts, will make or break someone's presidential ambition. President Barack Obama intends to exploit this catastrophe by the hilt, says Mike Reagan, the senior strategist of the Republican Party. He intends to portray his government as a pro-active one, and trying to tell people that government is on top of the situation, and so it seems.

There's clearly an attempt to gain political points given the fact that Mitt Romney and the re-electionist Barack Obama are tied in terms of voter preference. Now, Obama's subsequent acts may determine his ultimate fate.

Should he appear with his trademark smile and his bravado, Obama may see himself in a middle of quagmire. Analysts say Obama faces a tightrope situation in dealing with the effects of this Superstorm. If he appears to be overly caring, people would suspect that he's trying to act like a politician. If he appears presidential, some people would also suspect that he's trying to court a doubting public. If he appears non-presidential, which, in the last years and months of his administration, he was and still is, then, he risks his re-election.

Unlike in his initial foray into the presidential political pond, Obama's election rode on the quest of a political re-awakening of sorts. There was a popular call for change during those times, and Obama's entry was perfect timing.

Now, with several sectors accusing Obama of mismanaging the economy and the affairs of the state, there seems to be a rising movement of people discontented with Obamasque. A survey conducted by Gallup shows that people are raring to go to the polls to elect Romney while a rising number of voters are raring to waiting for a reason not to vote for Obama.

This catastriphe, if not handles properly by the Obama administration, may break the re-election bid of America's first ever Black American president.