Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ampatuans as Liberal Party Members: " They don't share the LP's brand of politics" says Lacierda. O, why are they LP members?

Seventy two members of the dreaded Ampatuan warlord clan are running for re-election in local posts in Maguindanao. Nine of them, are running under the Liberal Party, the administration party. 

Human Rights watch Carlos Conde revealed the list to several media personalities during the 3rd year commemoration of the infamous Maguindanao massacre. Until now, the culture of impunity still exists in that part of the Philippine archiepelago since most members of the Ampatuan clan are being made to run to preserve the wealth and influence of the clan throughout the province.

The patriarch and his sons are in jail yet their trusty lieutenants and operators ran around Maguindanao and continuing the iron-fisted policies of the old clan leader. A source who will reveal his identity if asked says in confidence that most of the wealth of the Ampatuans have been entrusted to their relatives who still work as government officials of the province. The power of the Ampatuans remains and it is quite understandable since the ruling clan, the Mangundadatus, are likewise related to them by affinity.

What is so inane is the statement of Edwin Lacierda, presidential spokesperson. He confirms the recruitment of some Ampatuan clan members to the Liberal Party but insists that these people do not share the same brand of politics as that of the LP. Eh, ganun naman pala, why are they members of the LP if these people are espousing a destructive kind of politics?

Jejomar Binay's UNA also confirmed that they recruited members of the Ampatuan clan and their spokesperson, Jose Bautista even boasted that there is nothing wrong with it because their recruits are not the same Ampatuans as those convicted of the gruesome massacre.

Such convoluted logic exists today. For the sake of politics, even Malacanang had to swallow its supposed "liberalist" beliefs just to accommodate warlords who promise to deliver the votes.

This explains why a culture of impunity exists throughout the country because even the national leadership respects and recognizes the influence and power of these warlord clans. 

It seems that the onus of responsibility in eradicating these warlord clans lies not on government but on the people. Let the people use their power to finally put an end to these warlord clans who are promoting extreme feudalism in their respective territories.