Saturday, November 24, 2012

Israeli-Palestine conflict rises from concept of state

Israel unleashed an attack against citizens of the Gaza strip, leading to hundreds of deaths and destruction of property. Israel's Western allies justify the attack, saying that these military actions are meant to eradicate Hamas, a radical Islamic organisation which has vowed to eradicate the state of Israel. Meaning, it was a pre-emptive action by a state, since it has the natural right to defend itself.

When I heard it, I was not surprised. In the history of the Middle East, peoples of these plains, especially those residing in the fertile land of Palestine, has constantly been at odds since the very birth of civilization. At first, it was resources that spur these disputes. Now, it is this concept of a state or territory.

In the future world, the concept of the state would be just a thing of the past, where extraction of resources depends on location. Fuel needs would be met by every people and every country in the world since engines would run on the most natural element existing in the universe--hydrogen, which is available everywhere. In the future, science would be able to extract energies from the minutest of particles. These energies would be able to power enough energy to electrify cities.

In the future world, the concept of a nation would be no more. Humans will recognize that they belong to one  genus, one race, and that survival of the homo sapiens species would depend on global collectivism. That the world would be better off if barriers are lifted, be it national or state barriers.