Monday, November 12, 2012

Mayan prediction of December 21, 2012

Those who believe in the "end times" must have surely read stories about the Mayan calendar and how it will end by December 21, 2012. Mayan texts discovered in Guatemala predicted an apocalyptic end of human civilization, something which, if you study world history, is part of a normal cycle of nature.

Be that as it may, I am sure that 2012 will not be the end of "everything", as what many believe it will. For one, our present condition has not reached a tipping point, which, I am sure, bankers and financiers problematizing the present financial condition of the world,  would definitely not agree. I will believe this if humankind has exhausted all its creativity and innovation to a point that all created things by man have reached its final created form. When all creation has reached finality, so will the world as we know it.

What I believe would happen by December is this--the usher of a new world era, the coming of knowledge. Mayans predict that a god, called Bolon Yokte, will arrive and will open up a new era of change. Yokte is associated with war and change.

The question really is---will Yokte destroy what has man created since the 16th century? I believe that systems and processes which man created and were proved to be harmful to the symmetry existing in nature, will be destroyed utterly, along with those who support these processes.

The new era will be a world attuned with nature. The new era will harness the energies available in nature and gives it back to nature in the form of energies. It will be a symbiotic relationship, one that benefits humankind and the universe.