Friday, November 9, 2012

Noynoy coughs and says someone remembers him

Usual for Filipinos that whenever they cough, they think that someone remembers them. In President Aquino's case, yes, someone or many people remember him, every, single day. But, that's not the reason why he coughs more often than not these days.

Noynoy coughs because he's an inveterate smoker (like me). Those dry coughs remind him to either quit the habit or continue smoking until his lungs dry out. Yep, someone remembers him and surely, or probably, that's his lung.

Smoking is harmful to one's health, yet, there are cases where smoking actually contributes to long life. There's an 80 plus something old man in the Ilocos who smokes cigars every, single, day, and he's still as strong as a bull. Death, according to scientists, is linked genetically. Meaning, yes, smoking do lead to someone's death but it is not as certain as being hit by a speeding truck.

Anyway, many people do remember Noynoy especially if they want to buy something but due to their very low income, cannot. Noynoy's name always crop up whenever someone receives his monthly pay and sees that more than twenty thousand pesos were slashed due to taxes, or if someone wants to buy a car and notices that the taxes to be paid to the LTO far exceeds someone's expectations.

Obviously, Noynoy's name comes up whenever people hear about graft and corruption among his peers or rampant smuggling remains unabated.

Noynoy will not probably die due to smoking, fact is, smoking helps a lot when it comes to lowering stress levels.