Sunday, November 4, 2012

What the New Philippine Revolution is all about

From the Old to the New--goal is emancipation of man
from his Old Self
to the New Man
Old timers, or those who follow this blog, will notice a new header. Yes, this encapsulates what this blog is all about---it is about creating a new Idea for the ultimate liberation of the Filipino Soul.

Yes, since 2002, shortly after the so-called EDSA Dos, this Writer has been studying Philippine history and chronicling the events that shape its present day form. This site aims to create an acceptable ideology for all Filipinos, an ideology that is based on its cultural values and history.

Some may argue that most of the contents of this blog has been all about politics, and you're right. Most of the commentaries here have been about actions undertaken by a small group of people now in power. The sole goal really is to expose their wrong interpretation of History and put them on the right path. Yes, there is a righteous path towards this country's ultimate fate---a fate so glorious that many would not believe it if I say it direct---we are at the nexus of a great revolution such as humankind has never seen before. We lie at the very center of a perfect revolution where the wrongs of governance are being studied very closely and its solutions being extrapolated from observations.

For one, our country is the right place to observe humanity's actions. Our country is the right laboratory to observe and create solutions to humanity's governance flaws. For one, the differing ethnic-based values make us a perfect melting pot of ideas coming from all directions of the ideological spectrum.

Three things will usher us peacefully unto the new era---Enlightenment, struggle and liberation. And I am not saying just socio-political-economic liberation.

For our country to move decisively forward towards a perfect system, all of us must liberate our minds from the misconceptions of History. All of us must be enlightened.

Enlightenment comes from the recognition of symmetry in nature. That nature follows a particular set of immutable laws that makes perfect geometry. This geometry is seen in nature. And these laws follow the language of mathematics.

Our liberation lies in formally removing the barriers towards our ultimate transformation. For us to do this, we must struggle against our old ideas. We must study these laws of nature, accept it and recognize that our survival as a species depend on the dissolution of our Old Self and being in symmetrical existence with things around us.

What is the ultimate end of all this? It is the transformation of humanity from its present state into its true Self.

True transformation lies in our eventual recognition of us, being a part of this symmetry. At our present state and form, we are still an enemy of this symmetry. Our actions harm the very world we are in.

As we grow in recognition of this vile state, and act in struggle towards true symbiotics, we achieve liberation and unto the achievement of a transformation.

This is what the New Philippine Revolution is about.

It starts with the mind, enriching our minds with knowledge of the existing symmetry in nature, recognizing that we are part of this by attuning our existence and bodies to nature and thereupon, adjusting our bodies, our minds and our spirits with what the Perfect Geometry demands, and struggling against the strong influences of the old, and wrongful world.

As we struggle, our bodies and our minds further achieve liberation from the old and unto the New.

This, my friends, is the New struggle being undertaken now by those who know--a struggle towards the new stage of homo sapiens' evolution.