Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas bonuses of lowly government clerk used for Typhoon Pablo relief fund

Nothing wrong with giving assistance funds to those victims of Typhoon Pablo. What is quite unfortunate is the way this administration did it--they got the funds from the Christmas bonuses of people working in Malacanan.

As one of the guys who was affected by this says " We also have families here in Manila who are desirous for extra monies".

Why get the funds from the "small people" in government, when you can get it from the humongous salaries, perks and benefits of the "big people", meaning officials?

Malacanan should explain its actions. Again, nothing wrong with getting monies to fund relief work in Mindanao but why get it from those whose salaries are no more than 20,000 pesos? Why not get it from the members of the Cabinet whose wallets have fattened shortly after assuming power in Malacanan.