Friday, December 7, 2012

Mining and Illegal logging direct cause of tragedy in Mindanao

Small-scale mining operations and illegal logging operations of certain groups in Mindanao are being blamed for the monumental catastrophy that hit Mindanao in decades.

Imagine, ten foot high flooding in areas where its not supposed to get floods. Fallen trees, mostly coconut trees lie everywhere. Explanation---barren mountains are being planted coconut trees instead of mahogany and other tree species. Since coconut trees do not have deep roots, obviously, these are susceptible to uprooting.

People reported that what happened during Typhoon Pablo's onslaught was unthinkable decades ago, when virgin forests still cover most of the mountain tops in Mindanao. Now, look at those mountains, they are as barren as deserts.

Government must do something to arrest the continuing environmental damage being perpetuated by certain groups in Mindanao. Stiffer penalties must be given against illegal loggers and small scale miners.

I ask every single nationalist Filipino to arrest on sight, people you think are illegal loggers and illegal miners and turn them over to the police for proper disposal.