Friday, January 4, 2013

Delhi rape victim and another one in Laguna

A young Filipina was gang-raped and left to die in a field somewhere in Laguna during the holidays. The victim, who was just about sixteen years old at the time of her murder, was the only daughter of a working class family. She was found dead in that grassy lot and when autopsied, authorities found her sexually violated.

In India, a student was gang-raped and when the public learned about it, a huge crowd is right now, asking for justice. The 23-year old student from New Delhi nearly lost her life when six burly men assaulted her. She was still brought to a Singapore hotel last December where she unfortunately lost the battle. Five of the six suspects were arrested.

This celebrated rape case occurred last month. The victim was with her companion and rode a bus where the suspects also rode in. According to reports, the gang of beasts beat up the woman's companion before they sexually assaulted her. She was even disemboweled by two of the suspects before being dumped under a bridge. Fortunately, she was saved and was able to narrate her brutal experience to police. She died after hours of struggling for her life in a Singaporean hospital.

There exists a culture of impunity against women in India. This has got to stop, says protesters who demanded the death penalty for the suspects.

Here, in our country, no one is raising any howl against those who brutalize the 16 year old student in Laguna. Are we so apathetic or so "familiar" with these acts of violence now that no one is asking for justice for this victim of violence?