Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Church" (not specifically Catholic Church) is most trusted institution in Philippines

Filipinos trust their religious denominations best and business groups least. This is one of the results that came out of the 2nd Eon-Ateneo Graduate School of Business Philippine Trust Index survey.

Sixty eight percent of Filipinos trust their "church", while only about 15% trust their government. Non-governmental organisations got the least trust, at 8.9%. Only 32% trust media institutions.

Meanwhile, academic institutions ranked second in institutions which got the highest trust at 45.1%

What does this mean to the ordinary Filipino observer?

Well, it means that Filipinos are trusting their religious groups more than government because of the counsel they get from their religious leaders. Trust, as defined by the PTI, is the feeling of dependency by the respondents to specific institutions.

However, "trust", as perceived depends on numerous factors to the Filipino. For example, trust with government may rise or fall, depending on certain factors, like graft and corruption. The more cases of graft and corruption being committed by government, the least likely of a strong trust for Filipinos.

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