Friday, February 1, 2013

Just for a clutch disc? Citimotors Makati, Brantford Teng, and Post-Sales After Service

MY first car was a Mitsubishi Lancer and I always tell my friends how fortunate I was to drive such a wonder. Yes, some would say, it's a gas guzzler, but I did not find mine as such. I love driving it. Fact is, I even went up to Pagudpod driving a Mitsubishi Lancer.

That's why, when I bought my second car, I made sure I get another Mitsubishi. This time though, since I already have three kids, I need an SUV, and what is the best SUV around? Surely, a Mitsubishi Adventure. Since 2008, I've been driving it and again, am satisfied with its performance.

NOw, I intend to buy another car, and I am expanding my search this time. I will not be limiting myself to a Mitsubishi. Yes, the Mitsubishi Montero is another wonder.

Having said that, I always, always make sure that it is in tip top condition. When it's time to change its engine oil, I do so using the finest Idemitsu engine oil. I always buy authentic Mitsubishi parts. When it's time to replace a part of it, I always ensure that it's original.

That's why I was really very surprised when I changed my clutch disc assembly...thrice! I am not a clutch driver, oh no.

I forked more than 15,000 pesos just to change a clutch disc assembly twice in a span of less than six months. UNcanny? Yes, since the present clutch disc assembly right now has not been replaced for more than two years!

This explains why I wrote an entry questioning the kind of service Citimotors of Makati did to me several years ago. A certain Brantford Teng unleashed a barrage of comments against my blog entry, trying to say that their company or the company of his father, continues to do excellent service.

That is Brantford's opinion. Is it based on facts? In my opinion, it is not, since what I experienced really changed my belief on post-sales services being offered by such companies as Citimotors.

I compared their services with that of Unimotors, and frankly, I did not experience anything uncanny. It was in just one time visit that really change and made my life a hell.

I was a victim of Citimotors, and nothing will ever change that.

Instead of thanking me for exposing some of the alleged nefarious activities of their employees there at Citimotors Makati, what did this certain Brantford Teng did, was give me a barrage of comments which, some are not publishable.

What the Tengs should have done is assess the performance of their branch and make the necessary changes.

Businessmen like them should listen to customers like me. Why will I write a negative article against Citimotors Makati? I really do not know the owners. I do not have any malice in me. NObody told me to write that entry. It was my decision, to inform the Tengs, that hey, you might take a closer look at what your employees are doing in your branch and maybe, improve it.

Why will I vilify Citimotors, I don't have any reason for doing so.

I just narrated my sad and unfortunate service experience and that is it. They should be thankful that I did not file a civil case against Citimotors. I nearly had an accident using the clutch disc replacement assembly they put in my vehicle.

As what I wrote in my previous article, most of my friends, are Filipino-Chinese. I have very good relations with most heads of companies, and they know me to be an honest man. I do not use my influence just to spite someone or cause aspersions to another.

What I write here is the Truth----unvarnished.

To Mr. Brantford Teng, my message is this, and if you read this, you should respond. For the sake of fairness, I published some of your comments, but others I did not, because I felt that those comments are unnecessary, uncalled for, and downright promotion of Citimotors.

First, customer feedback is always desired. Why lecture your customer? Why throw even the kitchen sink just to prove what? That Citimotors gave me an excellent service? I already wrote the contrary, to help you in the management to discover something and assess and do what is necessary to improve your services.

Second, I am not doing a villification campaign against Citimotors. I do not have any interest nor do I intend to do such a thing. Not that I fear you, oh, far from it. I just wrote one entry about my experience and that is it. Had I intended to villify and ruin your reputations, and my friends know me, I had this exposed to the traditional media. As what you have learned, I did not.

JUst for a clutch disc? Excuse me, Mr. Teng, I nearly had an accident when my vehicle suddenly stopped in the middle of traffic when I had a stuck up because the assembly your men put in my vehicle was sub-standard, and I learned later, not an original piece. JUst for a clutch disc?

Lastly, Mr. Brantford Teng, you should be made to understand one thing---command responsibility. If you want to preserve the good name of your father, you should help him improve the services of your company. Do not shoot the messenger. Otherwise, he will shoot you back.