Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mali the elephant needs companionship too

Mali, the baby elephant given by Sri Lanka to former First Lady Imelda Marcos as a gift in 1971, is ageing fast. Manila Zoo's only elephant, Mali has been in isolation for years. She has not seen anything near her kind for the past forty years and Manila Zoo administrators, her caretaker, and even the Manila City government refused to let her go to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

Let me make this clear---it is not that these officials or the caretaker do not want her to live out her old age in that place--they fear that the trip to Thailand might be too dangerous for Mali due to her age. She might die during the flight.

I have a suggestion---why not let her sleep all throughout the flight? Tranquilize her and immediately board her to a C150 plane to Thailand, instead of previous plans of letting her board a commercial plane.

Veterinarians can also suggest other things to prevent Mali from being hurt or from being stressed. Stress, according to Mali's caretakers, might kill her. That's why some people say that the best solution is simply tranquilize her for 4 hours so that she can survive the entire flight.

This coming Valentine's Day, let's give the greatest gift to one of man's best friends--Mali. Give her the joy of seeing her last days in the company of her kind.