Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Military strike against Sultan's followers will internationalize Sabah issue

Why are Malaysian security forces so eager to "flush out" through a military strike, their fellow Muslims now allegedly occupying illegally, a portion of Sabah? Do they not realize the serious implications of such a strike, not just their foreign relations with the Philippine government; moreso with the peoples of Sabah and to regional stability?

Malaysia's eagerness to strike the followers of the Sultan of Sulu reminds us of the actions of syndicates running those shanties in Brazil or Metro Manila. Imagine, a renter asking the owner of the land to leave his very own property?

In Islam, ownership of property is one of the most important rights. All Muslims acknowledge the rights of a Muslim who owns the property.

The Sultan of Sulu, by historic right, owns this parcel of land, which was granted by a British company to the Malaysians upon transfer of political sovereignty.

A military strike against these fellow Muslims who only want to dialogue with their fellow Muslims who are now occupying a parcel of land which, by right, is theirs, is something halal.

As said by the Noble Qu'ran, when a pious One was questioned about his nationality, he says "Muslim!" or "Islam". In this case likewise, why does the Malaysian government fear about this, when it is a dispute between brothers? Using or attempting to use force over some issue is not being encouraged in Islam.

A military strike by Malaysian forces against this group of the Sultan of Sulu will transform this place into a regional magnet of Islamic militancy. Malaysia's act will be likened to an injustice. This will also consolidate other forces in the region who sees the legitimacy of the claims of the Sultan of Sulu as true and honest.

Malaysia, do not hasten this option because it might create a far more serious tension in the region.