Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mount Banahaw being destroyed by illegal loggers

Residents of Liliw Laguna and other towns are up in arms over rampant illegal logging activities in the area. According to our sources, a certain Mayor Cesar Sulibit is behind the alleged illegal logging activities at Mount Banahaw. Mount Banahaw is a national park and a protected area.

Sulibit, according to sources, is actively involved in denuding the forests surrounding Mount Banahaw. Liliw is one of the towns near the foot of the mystic mountain.

Sulibit's son Jun is now running for the post of his father, and residents say, if the illegal logging operations continue, it might affect the biodioversity of the place, considered by many as one of the richest in fauna and flora in Southern Luzon.

DILG secretary Mar Roxas and DENR secretary Ramon Paje should look into this. I also urge Sulibit to respond to this blog entry when or if he reads this.