Tuesday, February 26, 2013

President Aquino's mishandling the Sabah standoff

Phiippine president benigno aquino iii was ill-advised when he did that public announcement urging Sultan Kiram III to stand down and urge his followers to go back to the Philippines from Sabah. First,  Aquino used the terms "hopeless" describing the act of the group which does not augur well with the people the president is supposed to dissuade. And second, aquino read a litany of supposed "crimes" the group,particularly Kiram, reportedly committed against the Constitution of the Philippines. Worst, Aquino even admitted that Kiram's letter got lost in translation due to bureaucratic mess.

What kind of leadership did Aquino exhibited today?its what we called reckless and stupid.

You're trying to convince a group of people and here you are telling them that the very moment they land in your country, you'll be facing a string of criminal cases? Likewise, aquino humiliated these people by describing what they did as "hopeless"? That only shows how unconcerned and unsympathetic this President is with the plight of these people who sacrificed their very lives just to prove a point.

Fact is, President Aquino appeared like a stooge of the Malaysians, appealing to a group of hopeless criminals to desist from their actions and go back home. These kinds of announcements are uncalled for, and just shows you how inutile malacanang is when faced with these situations. Why use the television as a medium when these kinds of messages are best expressed thru emissaries.The very fact that Aquino did the appeal on national television just shows that this President was resolving this impasse either remote control or he does not have  a direct contact with the Sultan, who is just in Taguig, here in Metropolitan Manila!

If Aquino is really dead serious on solving this impasse, he should have called the Sultan for a more intimate dialogue over at the palace or sent his close associates to forge a deal or something with the Sultan. No one in the Cabinet perhaps know or has an idea of how to resolve this international issue.

It would be another international catastrophe if the Malaysian security forces just suddenly attack Kiram's group and kill them. There is even no offer from the Philippine side to send its own securit force to closely coordinate with the Malaysians. Yes, a ship was sent but there were no coordination between the military and the Sultan of Sulu.

Why is the President so afraid of meeting the Sultan and reason with him? It would only take Aquino a few hours of his time, yet, this President somewhat dilly-dallied and allowed the situation to get worse. There weree enough time for this President to act by giving his time, but Aquino was so concerned with campaigning for his Team Pnoy that he has lost the chance of averting another possible international blunder.