Tuesday, February 12, 2013

There are other options not just "tuwid" nor "malinis" na daan: there's a "banal" na daan and "kapatiran"

IN this mid-term elections, Aquino's political friends will try to picture only two options for the Pinoy electorate---a so-called "tuwid na daan" which pundits say leads to nowhere and a "malinis" na daan which again, others claim to be so slippery, those who use it always falls down.

Not to mention those who claim to be able to provide the "banal na daan" which, again, based on perspective, Satanists would claim theirs is "holy".

Why do these politicians use the term "daan" in their political slogans? Simple.

In the Filipino psyche, daan means two things---the physical road and options. For Filipinos, there are always two options when faced with a problem or a challenge, and it's always a fight between good and evil, or an option which is better or best, worse or worst or simply option a which is always different from option b.

In all these choices, Filipinos realize that there are risks involved. For those who suggest that Filipinos are not risk takers, think again. The proliferation of SME's in the landscape will definitely show you the level of risks Filipinos are expected to take. These risks go beyond the ordinary sometimes.

Filipinos would go to great lengths even go to the farthest regions of this earth for a high paying job. Or, he will abandon all riches in exchange for love.

In politics, Filipinos already know the risks. Now, it is just determining the level of risks these options have. In politics, Filipinos equate this "weighing" of options with that of "performance".

For example, was this person responsible for paving the road leading to my barangay? Was he responsible for bringing prosperity to my barangay and so on and so forth. The "daan" imagery is really epal in its practical form.

This elections, political propagandists of UNA and TEAM PNOY would paint only two options, options which, if seriously analyzed, is just one thing---the ruling oligarchs running reportedly using two roads but pointing to one direction only---the perpetuation of power of the EDSA gang.

Seriously Filipinos must be made to think of differing and multiple options not just A and B. When the time comes when Filipinos are used to think about multiple options, then, things will probably change in the political front.