Monday, March 4, 2013

PH to Malaysia---Maximum Tolerance

At last! After nearly fourteen days on this Sabah issue, the government finally issued the very first correct statement about this issue.

DFA assistant secretary Raul Hernandez communicated to the Malaysian government its appeal for Malaysia to exercise maximum tolerance in dealing with the Kiram group. At least 26 people have died due to the on-going clashes between Malaysian security forces and a band of Filipino sympathizers of the Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo.

Hernandez's statement is the best statement so far that this government has issued. It positions the government at the middle of the confrontation between Malaysia and the Royal Army of the Sultan of Sulu. By positioning itself in the middle, the Philippine government is not risking itself too much or trying to expose its sleeve insofar as the Sabah claim is concerned. What the government is now trying to achieve is to extricate the Filipinos there in a peaceful manner while hammering out a compromise agreement with the Malaysians and the Kirams.

Communicatively, this issue started in the wrong foot and is now being deftly steered towards the right direction by the DFA.