Friday, March 8, 2013

Pnoy appoints ex-Cong found to have tampered polls as Comelec Comm: ANO BA NAMAN YAN?

This administration is probably on the path towards self-destruction.

Newly appointed COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS or COMELEC commissioner MACABANGKIT LANTO was sacked as Congressman of Lanao del Norte in 1994 after the Supreme Court found that he benefitted from the FALSIFICATION OF TWO (2) MUNICIPAL CERTIFICATES OF CANVASS which were based on TAMPERED ELECTION RETURNS.

LANTO, according to the SUPREME COURT, benefitted from the fraud in the Congressional elections of 1992. Imagine, someone who benefitted from a fraudulent scheme being appointed to head the very same agency who accused him of such a crime and such an impropriety!

Now, Pnoy, who profess to lead the nation towards the 'RIGHT PATH" has appointed him and another one, Atty. Bernadette Sardillo, as Commissioners of the COMELEC.

Sardillo's claim to fame was she was the election lawyer of another Comelec commissioner Grace Padaca, who now also sits as a Commissioner of the poll body. Padaca has a graft case.

Wow. You have three Commissioners sitting in a Constitutional body whose reputation has been shattered and debased since time immemorial. Why appoint people who have tainted records?

Imagine, you have at least three (3) Commissioners now held by the neck by this administration. do not agree with Pnoy?

The question really now before us is this--how fair will this elections be for the opposition or those who